The Monsters

“I see humans but no humanity.”

Why are humans even on the earth? What is the point of us being here? I’m sure that other animals and species would do just fine without us. We think that other animals and organisms are destroying the earth, but have we ever looked at ourselves and thought, hey quit it, you’re destroying the earth. The factories that we use to make clothing and goods get rid of smoke which contains carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. The cars that we use every single day to transport us from point A to point B emit carbon monoxide. All of these things are adding to Earth’s greenhouse gasses. The only species that can help us get rid of greenhouse gasses are plants, but we’re cutting down more and more plants and trees in order to make room for factories and houses. Yes, some of us actually do want to save trees but have you noticed that we are the only species that write “save the trees!” on a piece of paper and then throw it away in the hopes that we can save the earth.

“Humans are, in retrospect, the only species that kill each other.”








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